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Concluding Seminar of the Europe Asia Business Internship Programme

The relationship between Europe, the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong as well as the impact of the Asian crisis on the SAR economy were highlighted at a Euro-Asia seminar at the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).

The seminar, entitled Euro-Asia Business Internship Program (EABIP), was jointly held by the University’s Europe-China Centre and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) from September 6 to 8, 1999.

Dr. Ting Wai, Associate Professor of the Department of Government & International Studies, and Prof. Tsang Shu Ki, Professor of Economics, both of HKBU, spoke on Europe, the Chinese Mainland and the Future of Hong Kong and the Impact of the Asian Crisis on Hong Kong’s Economy respectively.

Also speaking at the seminar were European students who participated in the EABIP, a European Commission pilot scheme designed to promote Euro-Asia business relations and exchange skills and experience. The scheme provides young students from European countries and China the opportunity to be attached for two months in companies in China and Europe.

This past summer, about 50 European Union students majoring in business management, engineering, information technology and law accepted internships with various companies in China, whereas 50 Chinese students went to EU countries to gain working experience in a different cultural environment.

The opening session of the seminar, held on September 6, was conducted by Dr. Daniel Tse, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU and Mr. Etienne Reuter, Head of Office of the European Commission in Hong Kong.

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EABIP Concluding Seminar. (From Left): Dr. Stefanie Eschenlohr, DAAD Visiting Scholar, HKBU; Dr. Daniel Tse, president, HKBU; Mr. Etienne Reuter, Head, Office of the European Commission in HK and Ms Manuela Fella, DAAD, Beijing.

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Organizers and participants of the Concluding Seminar, 6-8 September 1999.

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The EABIP Seminar enjoyed wide support in Hong Kong.

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