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Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland at the Thershold of the 21st Century

The political and economic developments in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong was the focus of a symposium held at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), September 17, 1999.

HKBU scholars speaking at the symposium titled "Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland on the Threshold of the 21st Century" were Dr. Michael DeGolyer, Associate Professor of the Department of Government & International Studies and Prof. Tsang Shu Ki of the Department of Economics.

Organized by the Europe-China Centre, David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, HKBU, the symposium was held on September 17 in the David C. Lam Building.

Following the speeches by HKBU scholars on "Hong Kong-the Chinese Mainland: The Political Dimension" and "Hong Kong-the Chinese Mainland: The Economic Dimension", a panel discussion was held with speakers including the Hon. Christine Loh, Legislative Councillor, and the Hon. Cyd Ho, Legislative Councillor.

The symposium was part of a study tour to the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan during September 4-24 by a delegation from the East-West Seminar of the German Federal Agency of Civic Education, which is under the direction of the German Ministry of the Interior.

The 22 delegation members consisted of leading scholars from various German universities, research institutes and think tanks in Germany, as well as three journalists. The study tour covered such places as Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Taipei aiming at identifying the key factors that determine the process of economic and political transformation in the Chinese Mainland and its impact on developments in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland on the Threshold of the 21st Century. (From left): Dr. G nter Reichert, German Federal Agency of Civic Education; Prof. Tsang Shu Ki, HKBU and Prof. Werner Meissner, HKBU.

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The Hon. Christine Loh, Citizens Party

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The Hon. Cyd Ho, The Frontier

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