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ZKM Public Lectures

Starting from October 28, Dr. Gerd Schwandner, visiting scholar at the Department of Government & International Studies, will give a series of public lectures within the "East-West Talks" program of HKBU.

The lectures cover very different aspects of international cultural policies, patterns and the impact ‘new media’ have on them. The main focus will be the mutual relationship between cultural aspects, information technology and business interests.

Dr. Gerd Schwandner has worked for more than 15 years in these fields. He was a German State Legislator for two legislative terms, Undersecretary for Culture in the federal state of Bremen, and is currently the Managing Director of the Center for Arts and Media (ZKM), the largest institution of its kind in Europe. He is also a board member of websolute new media solutions, a successful European internet enterprise currently expanding into Hong Kong.

Dr. Schwandner presently spends his sabbatical at the Hong Kong Baptist University. He has been visiting Hong Kong and other Asian countries frequently during the last 12 years. "For me, Hong Kong is one of the most interesting cities of the world. It is the most fascinating place, where cross-culture business and information technology can flourish to its best.’

Global Technologies and Local Applications: The Internet and Political Participation in Hong Kong

Marketing Culture in the European Union

Exhibition, Visa for Life: Diplomats who Rescued Jews

International Forum with HKMAES

Conference of France and Germany in Sino-European Relations

East-West Talk, GIS Reopening Ceremony, Exhibition

Concluding Seminar of the Europe Asia Business Internship Programme

Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland at the Thershold of the 21st Century

Conference: Chinese & European Literature, Mutual Influence and Perspectives