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Conference of France and Germany in Sino-European Relations

Prof. Frank Fu (l.), Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences; Prof. Werner Meissner (m.) Head, Dept. of GIS and Dr. Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Director, French Centre for Research on Contemporary China at the Opening Ceremony of the conference France and Germany in Sino-European Relations, 22 June 2001.

Germany's Deputy Consul General Dr. Juegen Morhard.

French Deputy Consul General Mr. Alexandre Ziegler.

Global Technologies and Local Applications: The Internet and Political Participation in Hong Kong

Marketing Culture in the European Union

Exhibition, Visa for Life: Diplomats who Rescued Jews

International Forum with HKMAES

East-West Talk, GIS Reopening Ceremony, Exhibition

Concluding Seminar of the Europe Asia Business Internship Programme

Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland at the Thershold of the 21st Century

ZKM Public Lectures

Conference: Chinese & European Literature, Mutual Influence and Perspectives