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In addition to the LEWI the ECP currently can draw on the support of the following administrative units and academic foci at Hong Kong Baptist University:

The Department of Government and International Studies (GIS)

The GIS major gives students a firm grasp of the important areas in political science. In geographical terms, it focuses on the politics of Hong Kong, China, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. It seeks to sharpen the students’ awareness by incorporating an east-west comparative theme drawing on the European Studies Programme located within the same department.

The B.A. (Hons) in European Studies

The B.A. (Hons) in European Studies is the only full-fledged undergraduate course in Hong Kong focusing exclusively on the study of European affairs. Its special profile (language and region-specific social sciences) has received widespread recognition in China-Hong Kong and Europe. The Course has enjoyed excellent financial and logistical support from the European business communities both locally and overseas. It is a four-year course with students spending the third year either in German- or French-speaking countries. Co-operating partners include universities in Germany (Duesseldorf, Leipzig, Nuernberg and Konstanz), France (Paris: Institut des sciences politiques /‘Sciences Po’, Paris No 8 and Besanšon), and Lausanne (Switzerland), all of which provide academic study on location, followed by internship opportunities in industry or institutions in Europe for the students.

The European Studies Course has initiated a series of innovative teaching and learning enhancement projects focusing on the use of electronic media for both in-house and distance learning. The ECC will further strengthen the development of the state-of-the-art media-supported teaching and learning so as to

open up European information and documentation sources for on-line users;

develop course modules for distance learning (e.g. in China and Australia); and

promote further the pivotal regional role of the European Studies/European Documentation Centre through the enhancement and refinement of the world wide web information system by creating (i) multilingual access routes and guidance for Europe-related information retrieval and (ii) user-friendly interface for Europe-related information requests, e.g., installing a Chinese-language version to facilitate access by Chinese mainland users.


The China Studies Major

This major programme consists of four options: Sociology, History, Geography, and Economics, with the following educational goals:

to provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of contemporary China; and

to develop students’ communication skills in written and spoken modern Chinese and English.

One unique feature of the Course is a summer sojourn at Tsinghua University undertaken by all students.

The European Documentation Centre

The GIS Department has since 1996 played host to the European Documentation Centre (EDC). In contrast to other depositories in the region, the EDC at HKBU is a community-oriented service centre open to the general public. It contains important official documents and other relevant materials on the European Union and provides information for the business and legal sectors as well as academic institutions and individuals on request. The EDC at HKBU is thus the only organisation in the region to which companies, agencies and scholars have unlimited access for information on the EU. The inventory is financed entirely by the European Union.

The EDC at GIS will thus become an information service centre for both Hong Kong and China. It will be the only institution on Chinese soil that can provide unrestricted information about the EU.


Hong Kong and Macau Association for European Studies (HKMAES)

The main objectives of the HKMAES are: to promote teaching and research in European Studies and to foster links between academic institutions in Hong Kong and Macau and similar bodies in Europe. Meetings of the Association are held regularly at HKBU. The head of the GIS department is president of the Association.


The Hong Kong Transition Project

The Hong Kong Transition Project is also located in the GIS. The project involves research into two fundamental aspects of the transition from British Colony to a Special Administrative Region of China: the nature and direction of political development. The project has gained prominence through its regular surveys and international media briefings.