Vol. V, No. 2 November 2000

Chinese and European Literature - Mutual Influence and Perspectives


Author Article Page
Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt, Jerusalem


The Relationship between Modernity and Democratisation





Karl-Heinz Pohl, Trier

Beyond Universalism and Relativism - Reflections on an Intercultural Dialogue between China and the West


Adrian Hsia, Montreal

Protestant Philosophers and the Construct of China - Immanuel Kant, Johann Gottfried Herder and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Thomas Kampen, Berlin

Western Books on Twentieth Century China in Chinese Translation



Contributors to this Issue

Professor Dr. Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt is Rose Isaacs Professor of Sociology at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Professor Dr. Karl-Heinz Pohl is Director of the Institute of Sinology at the University of Trier, Germany

Professor Dr. Adrian Hsia teaches German literature at McGill University

Dr. Thomas Kampen has taught Chinese politics and history at the Universities of Berlin (Germany) and Leeds (United Kingdom)

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